Refreshes in every sense

Water is the most important element that constitutes life, and the human body depends on water to function effectively. But not just water – pure and clean water.

The Samis premium water is a bottle water, packaged from pure natural sources, with proper filtration and sanitation. Our heritage is built on sound character, quality and professionalism.

We undertake frequent test on the quality of our water and exceeds the NAFDAC requirements and standards set for bottled water.

We obsess about clean, safe and hygienic water consumption and we don’t plan on compromising on that.

With frequent sensitization on public health and the health benefits of drinking clean and pure water, Samis premium water is in the forefront of hygienic, safe and quality table water.

Samis uses the most modern and scientific (automated) equipments in the production of both regular and customized products to meet customers’ specifications.

Samis Premium Water enjoys a wide market spread and patronage in the South-South and South-Western parts of the country including Delta State, Kogi State and Ondo State and competes favourably with other well known and more popular brands.